IMG_0571Recipe Book

My Recipe Book project came about as an idea born out of frustration. I should first establish that we are a family of “Foodies”, my eldest son is professionally trained as a chef, and all other family members love to cook and of course, eat!  I had just finished reading a lovely book by Corey Moortgat called “The Art of Personal Imagery” all about using photos of loved ones in collages. I was really feeling inspired by this idea, as I had always had the most fun when I was working on a project with any personal photos in it, when at the same time, I went searching for a favorite recipe to cook. I was so frustrated by my disorganized mess of recipes, and I had the unnerving thought that I would be passing on this disastrous mess to my family to sort through. I had a “lightbulb moment” and decided I would make a recipe scrapbook,inspired by Corey’s book. It would be done collage-style with photos of family, and include family memories along with stories interwoven with the recipes.

It took me a couple of years on and off to complete 27 pages, many of the pages were my mother’s recipes, who sadly passed away during this project that she never even knew that I was working on. I surprised my sons on Christmas Day with their family cookbook, which they loved. It has been one of my most favorite projects to date, as it was made with lots of love.

Along the way I decided this would be a great class to share with people who were also interested in creating a family cookbook. I have been sharing inspiration and ideas in a monthly class for over four years with a wonderful group of creative ladies.