Illustrated Cookbook

The Illustrated Cookbook is my own version of the the very trendy Illustrated Journals that so many artists are doing today. I have tried, but I just can’t seem to adopt the practice of creating these fabulously lavish journals that a lot of mixed media artists are creating. Because I like to cook, I thought I would like to illustrate a cookbook of my own recipes with some kooky collages and house it in a vintage 1956 recipe book called “The Family Home Cookbook”.  I love the cookbooks original illustrations which I let peek through some pages and use as design elements on others. The recipes are entered randomly, I try to use the imagery or the recipe on the original cookbook page to inspire me to add my own recipe on top of theirs. I have set a few parameters for me to work in. For starters,  I am using up the voluminous amount of paper scraps I generate from my collage work. I have a big bin of tiny scraps that I have a hard time throwing away, so I cut them crosswise and glue them around the edge of the page for not only a decorative feature but it also adds to the stability of the page. If it is an odd-shaped scrap, I force myself to not cut it up, but incorporate it “as is”.  I also create some sort of wacky face using facial features that I mostly get from Avon catalogs. I am trying to use some rubber stamping and stenciling because I have a large collection of both, and finally I love making the titles out of ransom lettering.