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Current Work: Mother Nature Series

My current work focuses on Mother Nature.

Mrs. John America

This series conveys the role of women in American society in the 1950-1960 era. The limited choices and societal expectations women had in regards to career and family responsibilities are represented through iconography collected from those decades. The woman figure in each piece is made up solely of hair and a dress that are made from traditional upholstery fabric. The lack of any body features represents the women being identified with their home.


Portraits are one of my favorite things to create. I have even come to like doing self portraits!


This is a series of work where I honor the Mom\'s in our lives. Portraying the Mother figure using antique portraits and found imagery from old catalogs and magazines, she doles out her words of wisdom. The collages all incorporate original recipes torn from vintage cookbooks, highlighting the motherly advice that is spelled out in found text applied in a ransom note style.

Mermaid Altered Book

This altered book project came about because my very first altered book was a Mermaid themed altered book made as a present for my sister who has a mermaid collection. I was really happy with the outcome of this project, and after years of having occasional "visits" with the original Mermaid book, I decided to make one for myself and at the same time, this also serves as an example of a workshop I teach called "Niches and Drawers" where I show students how to insert a Niche area and drawers into a book.

Secret Lives of Bees Altered Book

An Altered Vintage Book inspired by the book "The Secret Lives of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd

A Bolt Out Of The Blue Altered Book

An Altered Board Book with an Altered Invisible Plastic Man

Recipe Book

This is a collection of favorite recipes that I have collaged with photos to celebrate our family memories of cherished times together. It was originally a labor of love to my sons so they could not only look back at their childhood celebrations, which many times centered around good food and laughter, and serve as a repository of recipes that they could replicate. It has evolved into an on-going set of workshops that I teach others, so they may do the same for their family recipes.


Here is a collection of other artwork that shows my interest in a variety of media.

Illustrated Cookbook Journal

This is my first Illustrated Journal; I decided to work in an old cookbook. My journaling will consist of adding collaged imagery to illustrate a favorite recipe. I was inspired to start this project after meeting artist Dyan Reaveley and experiencing her incredible art journal in an old ledger.