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Artist Seth Apter is having a great blog hop this week and I thought it would be fun to participate. He is asking fellow artists and craftspersons to reveal their “real life” studio table, in all it’s messy glory. In the last few years, there has been a few magazines that have popped up in the bookstores that showcase artist studios. The problem is, these studios that are shown are sparkly clean and look like HGTV has designed them! Seth asked if we would “throw any feelings of shame out the window, and show the world the underside of art and craft”. So dear viewers, I present to you, not one but two studio tables.

I am a blessed woman as I have two studio spaces, an embarrassment of riches. I have had a home studio since our youngest son moved out to go to college. Last year I had a chance to move into a new studio space outside of my home, so I decided to give that a try. I moved just my collage materials along with most of my paints and drawing materials, keeping a lot of stuff still at home. If you want to see a couple more photos of my studio space at the Gates Block Studios, check out my studio page.

The Gates Block Studio

Gates Block Studio table

Gates Block Studio table

Here is my studio table yesterday at the Gates Block Studios in Lowell Massachusetts. I have a newsprint pad I like to work on, and under the palette on the right you can see a phonebook peeking out, that is my “glue station”. Above that I have my collapsable water cup (love) and a ever-present group of paints and mediums. At the top of the table and to the left, are all sorts of scraps of papers, tracing papers and small pieces of watercolor paper that I can never throw away.

Supporting table at Gates Block

Supporting table at Gates Block

This table sits to my right and I use it to hold other essential tools and materials that won’t fit on the drafting table.

Over head view of supporting table at Gates Block

Over head view of supporting table at Gates Block

Here is an overhead shot of my supporting table. This is an adorable vintage trestle table with a beautiful painted patina top that has dripped paint on it. I love the color and the drips, but you can hardly see it for all the flotsam and jetsam! This configuration never changes, I can barely find a spot for my tea cup.

Rolling cart at Gates Block

Rolling cart at Gates Block

This rolling cart was purchased from my former workplace, Ink About It. It’s nice to have it at my new studio space and will forever remind me of ten wonderful years there. I always liked these carts at the store, so I wanted to make sure I got one. It’s a total mess right now and needs to be reorganized.

Cutting counter at Gates Block

Cutting counter at Gates Block

As you can see this cutting counter is so full of stuff from my current project. You can see the start of a new Mother Nature up there on the left with a jellyfish transfer waiting to go on her head.

The Home Studio

Home Studio Table

Home Studio table

Here is the photo of my home studio table today. You’ll notice it’s the same basic set up. I have the same size drafting table in both studios, I love the slight tilt of these tables to work on. You can’t see it but there is a newsprint pad to work on under the craft sheet, “glue station” to my right, water bucket above that. At the top of this table you can see are some well used ink pads with small alpha stamp sets and a box of cheap craft paints off to the left.

The real underbelly of my home studio

The real underbelly of my home studio

Here is the real underbelly of the beast! Piles of collage materials and papers along with plastic bags for the trash barrel (too many!) and vintage wallpaper and large drawing pads are also under there. So now you know!

Check out more than 100 studio tables at Seth’s blog here: 

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6 Responses to My studio table x 2

  1. Lynn Radford says:

    Karen, this was an AwEsOmE share! Lucky you to have both studios! I love that you kept the home studio! You never know when the urge to make art will strike! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing, love the underbelly of the beast. 🙂

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Kathryn, your art is fabulous, I LOVE all the texture!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Lynn, I love your u-shaped configuration you have for your sewing station. That is the one thing I’m missing at home, is a permanent set-up for my sewing machine.

  5. DianeD says:

    You are a brave woman. My studio looks like yours. It’s never quite cleaned up. And I love Seth. I read his blog all the time.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Diane, no bravery needed. That’s what Seth’s intent was here – with the creative process comes the mess!

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