Ocean Mother

Ocean Mother

I finished the smaller collage I started together with another collage of the same theme. Since my last post, I finished up on the shading and added a soft black outline around every element to really make everything pop.

I am happy with her, I am especially happy with the shading of her face, which I did a little different from all the other pieces in this series. Like many adventures in art making, what I ended up with was from an accident. I normally shade my faces using a q-tip to blend out the crayon. After doing it this way, I left it, and came back the next day to the studio to find I didn’t like the shading.

first shading attempt

First shading attempt

Her cheek was way too strong. because I use Caran d’ ache water soluble crayons, I decided to hit her cheek with a wet brush to diffuse the color so I could wipe it off. When I looked at what the water did, I loved the effect. It looked much more like she had been in the water, as the shading was now soft and water-spotted. Now I had to create that effect on purpose!

Ocean Mother close-up

Ocean Mother close-up

I especially love the octopus book pages showing through the shading on the face. Notice the third eye she has from an octopus illustration.

She is for sale, pricing information is on my portfolio page,  please send me an email if you would like to purchase her.

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